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zero to $100,000 fast course

Andy Elliott

Zero to $100K Car Sales Training

The Zero to $100K Car Sales Training Course is a course that was created by the Master Car Sales Trainer, Andy Elliott. This is the first course of its kind dedicated strictly to educate automotive sales professionals how to make huge profits in the auto industry. This course is designed for everyone who is serious about becoming the best at selling cars. This course teaches how to get to $100K fast and also to double and triple that figure throughout the year.

"This course has helped me double my income this month!! Thanks Andy"

Whether you’re new to the auto industry or a veteran, this is for you. Andy Elliott holds the record for the most money ever made in one year selling cars in the world. With Andy’s Zero To $100K Car Sales Training Course you will learn every technique and strategy in depth.  Sales is a very demanding career, especially in the car business. What if he showed you how to make the most out of your valuable time while you were at work so that you had more time to spend with your loved ones? Andy takes you every step of the way in the sales process to allow you to design the life you and your family deserve.

Here is what you will get in this training

  •   21 Training Videos
  •   How to hit $100K Fast & and not only maintain it but grow it many times over.
  •   How to outsell your competition
  •   Six steps to breaking records in 2020
  •   A to Z from mindset to closing the sale.
  •   So much more.

Andy has the skill and knowledge which are the formula to the success you are looking for. Andy has trained thousands of like-minded sales professionals across the United States that are making more money than they ever dreamed of regardless of their background or skillset.

This is the blueprint for your success in sales!

It doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or extrovert, Andy will teach you to fall in love with sales. Never feel intimidated by anyone! Are your customers more prepared to object than you are prepared to overcome their objections? Don’t let this happen to you? Just imagine if you had all the answers.

Andy Elliott

52 Word Tracks Book

Andy Elliott’s 52+ Word Track Book teaches you the exact word tracks he used during the closing, negotiating, and overcoming objections that he used when he sold cars to make over $700,000 a year. 

"This helped me know exactly what to say"

Your words are either advancing the sell forward or taking the sell backward, so you have to learn to choose your words and word tracks carefully. After you memorize these were tracks, your skills will change immediately and you will elevate your income to the next level!

Andy Elliott

Overcoming Objections Book

Overcoming Objections Book by Andy Elliott

Andy Elliott’s Overcoming Objection book will teach you how to overcome every single objection that you get in a car dealership from customers.


"I can close anyone now, I have gained so much confidence"

For example, when someone says:

  • I need to think about it.
  • I’ll get back with you.
  • This is my first stop.
  • My other half isn’t with me.
  • I only have 15 minutes.
  • We have three more vehicles we need to look at before we purchase.
  • What’s my interest rate?
  • There’s one more vehicle we want to look at before buying? 
  • We don’t need to test drive we already drove one just like it last night.
  • I’m not buying for a few months.

Andy will cover price objections, payment objections.  For example: what’s your best price, we are not interested until we know the price.  Andy will cover trade objects: I want a pay off for my trade-in, I need to know what I’m getting for my trade-in before I buy anything.

The list goes on and on and he teaches you how to overcome every single objection out there in his book. You will love it! It will take your skill to a whole new level!

closing and negotiating digital download

Andy Elliott

Closer Techniques Video

Never Negotiate Again! Close with 100% Money Justification! Be Unstoppable On The Pencil!

This is a training about selling in today’s market. Customers win the battle on objections most times. Why? Because customers today are more prepared to object, than our sales people are equipped to overcome their objections. We rely on chances to make it in this business. END this today! Give your sales force the tools needed to be deadly on the first pencil… No need for negotiation or combativeness. Close with 100% money justification.

"This helped me get over my fear, I feel like a master closer now."

No smoke! No lies! Pure logic!

The only thing you’ll say is, “Man, I wish I could’ve known about this sooner!”

Quit wasting advertising dollars unless you are prepared to handle the traffic coming through your doors. These tools will increase sales and gross immediately, whether you have a veteran that has been there for five years or a fresh new hire that has been there for three days.

This training is the answer you’ve been waiting for to increase sales and gross. You’ll be surprised at how turn-over is also eliminated when you have a sales force that feels confident and takes pride in their career. Thank you in advance for visiting us and we look forward to our partnership in making your team the best it could be. Objections like: The payment is too high, the price is too high, i want more for my trade-in , and even how to deal with limited credit customers will never be an issue again. Out with the old. It doesn’t work in today’s times. with this, your competition won’t stand a chance.

Zero to $100K Car Sales Training Bundle

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  • Zero to $100K Car Sales Training Course. 599
  • 52 Word Tracks Book. 99
  • Overcoming Objections Book. 99
  • Closer Techniques Video. 39
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Zero to 100K Car Sales Training Bundle Deal

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