Top 3 Tips on How To Make More Money As A Car Salesman

Top 3 Tips on How To Make More Money As A Car Salesman 



Do you feel like you are earning what you’re worth? If not, there are a few things you can do immediately to increase your income. 


In this video, Jacqueline Elliott, shares 3 Tips that will boost your confidence and your income! 


You’ve heard it before, knowledge is power. That saying rings true in the sales industry. Having a strong command in these KEY areas will get you in position to pivot with ease to ensure you never miss another deal!  


How do you prepare for an appointment with a customer who is coming in to look at a specific vehicle? Do you know how to keep a customer engaged if the vehicle they’re interested in is unavailable, or not as great as they imagined? 


If you follow the tips in this video, your customers will perceive you as a trusted advisor and they’ll be more likely to stay engaged and follow your lead. 


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Grab a pen and paper, take notes and INCREASE your income today!


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