Top 15 Rules During Negotiations- Part 1 of 3

Top 15 Rules During Negotiations- Part 1 of 3 



This is a POWERFUL must-watch training video to help you negotiate like a pro and close for all the money! Grab a pen and paper, remember you retain what you write down!  


You’ve got to follow these 15 rules to be deadly at negotiations and closing! There’s a psychology to sales and an art to negotiations. Knowing how and when to implement these 15 rules will help you guide your customers to a successful close every time!  


If your customers consider you a trusted advisor, they will be more inclined to allow you to influence their purchase decision, right? 


Body language is crucial! You have to sell on your feet, and close on your seat. What does it mean when your customer stands up, it means they’re planning to leave. Your customers will mirror your posture. If you’re seated, they will sit. 


Making a significant financial decision can be a serious and stressful situation for your customers. Knowing how to diffuse the pressure and guide your customers forward is a skill!  


This video is Part 1 of a 3 part series! You don’t want to miss this series! Click the video now, learn how to be a powerful negotiator and go CRUSH your goals!