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Andy Elliott currently trains over 2,500 Dealerships and trains over 250,000 Salespeople.

Andy Elliott is the largest and fastest growing automotive sales trainer in the world. Andy's Courses will

Triple Your Skills


Andy Elliott will Teach You How to Sell and Close Any Customer Anytime, Anyplace, and Anywhere. Andy Elliott will Teach You how to Overcome Any Objection and Turn Every NO into a YES and Close Any Deal.
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Recreate Yourself!

Andy Elliott is highly known for his ability to Totally Recreate a Sales Person’s Mindset and Skill Overnight. His 21st century word tracks make it easy to close deals for all the money every single time. If you are a sales person who wants to Massively Increase your Closing Ratio, Increase Your Sales, and Increase Your Income then dive into Andy’s training immediately! Andy Elliott has the Best Automotive Sales Training Courses in the world that produces overnight results. One video and you will be hooked!

About The Elliott Group and The Fastest Growing Automotive Sales Training Company

Andy and Jackie

The Elliott Group is the Fastest Growing Automotive Sales Training Company in the world. Andy and Jacqueline Elliott started their Sales Training Company in 2011. The Elliott Group is currently doing business in 127 different countries and is growing like wildfire with their High Energy 21st Century Training.

Andy Elliott

Meet Andy,


Andy Elliott started selling cars at 18 years old and realized fast that without sales training he would never be more than average at best. 

So Andy started training relentlessly and within months he was at the top of the sales board in his company. Andy decided to become a student of mastering the art of selling and closing everyday. Soon, not only was he the top salesperson in his entire state, but he was well on his way to becoming one of the best in the country. 

Andy broke the record in the US for the most money made as a car salesman at $715,000 in one year.

Jacqueline Elliott

Meet Jacqueline,


Jacqueline started selling cars at 21 years old and Broke Every Record in her store selling cars. Then she moved into the finance department and dominated it Shattering All Company-wide Records

Jacqueline ran numbers so high that they would try to change her pay plan every 3 months because of the insane numbers she was running.

Starting a Never Seen Before 21st Century Sales Training Program Now The Fastest Growing Automotive Sales Training Company

Together Andy and Jacqueline decided to put their talents together and start a never seen before 21st Century Sales Training Program. Their goal was to be able to take ANY Sales Person and Triple Their Skill within 30 days. 

And guess what… they did it and have changed the sales training industry forever. Andy & Jacqueline’s training covers closing and negotiating, objection handling, phone skills, lead generation, and tons more. Be careful! The Elliott Groups Training will ruin the value of money for you! The return every client gets is Astronomical and has never been seen before from any sales trainer.

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The Elliott’s Motto is:

Our motto, Turning Decades into Days, means our training teaches salespeople how to dominate selling and Closing Better Than 20 Year Veterans Regardless of skill within a matter of days. THE ELLIOTT GROUP has the BEST CAR SALES TRAINING in the WORLD.


See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

“I prayed for a mentor like Andy! I am the top salesperson in my dealership, and everyone is telling me I am “good enough” and I don’t need to pay for more training. I took Andy’s training and it is mind blowing! It has totally recreated me! Within 30 days of taking Andy’s course, I tripled my income just like you said you said I would. There is not a doubt in my mind, that Andy Elliott is the best sales training that has ever existed. Andy’s training continues to blow my mind with each course, please don’t ever stop.”
Patrick H.
“Grateful to have you as a mentor. Your training has taught me how to sell and close every customer I have come across. I have not only improved professionally but also as person. I am truly living a life that I never thought was possible for me. I would not have achieved any of this without you believing in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. All I can say is thank you!”
Thomas P.
“When I first started selling cars, I was literally sleeping in my car. I started watching Andy on YouTube and discovered his training courses. Here I am a year and a half later, with the best life ever. I have taken all his training courses. And after only a year and half in the business I am on track to make $400,000 this year! I could never have achieved this without Andys training. Thanks Andy.”
Seth A.
“Day one when I started training with Andy I immediately tripled my gross per copy! I cannot stress enough how much Money it will cost you NOT taking this course! It has tripled my paycheck and hasn’t even allowed my wife to stop working… It is hands-down the world’s number one automotive sales training program! “
Kevin M.

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