The 60 Toughest Objections to Overcome!

The 60 Toughest Objections to Overcome! 



The most expensive thing in the world is a missed opportunity! Too often salespeople are practicing on their customers and blowing opportunities time after time because they don’t know how to handle objections and navigate through negotiations! 


Practice in private, so you’re deadly on the sales floor! You need to sell like a lion yet be as gentle as a lamb. 


If you want to be a master closer, you MUST learn to overcome objections! This phase of the sale can bring tension and combativeness, if it’s not handled correctly. 


Learning how to handle objections is a multifaceted process. Not every objection means the same thing. Sometimes an objection is a stall tactic, sometimes it’s a fearful response from making a financial commitment, sometimes it’s a push back from a past bad experience. Learning the different roots and knowing how to tailor your response will enable you to overcome every objection!  


I created dozens of word tracts to overcome every objection! In addition to memorizing word scripts, you need to use tonality and body language.There’s a psychology and an art to overcoming objections! This is a POWERFUL training you do not want to miss! 


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Grab and pen and paper, remember what you write down you’re 90% more likely to retain!

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