Scale Any Dealership Overnight

Scale Any Dealership Overnight 


If your dealership isn’t making what you think it should, or isn’t scaling at the rate you think it should, first of all…the success or failure of a dealership all starts at middle-management. 


If the middle-management doesn’t think the sales people can improve, level-up and get better every day- they’re not going to! 


I have salespeople who come out on their own to attend Master Closer Seminars. Some of them come despite the criticism from their dealership’s management and veteran salespeople. 


Case in point, I have a 19 year old guy who started attending the Master Closer Seminar every quarter. He made $26,000 last month and broke his dealership’s 30 year sales record. He has sales veterans at his dealership (who have been in the business longer than he’s been alive) telling him he’s wasting his time with training. He cut his teeth on our training, and he’s CRUSHING it! 


In this podcast, I’m interviewing a dealership owner who has been training with us for 90 days, and has had a 400x increase in his net profit! Guys, that 400xs INCREASE in 90 days!! Do you think that’s proof that this training works!?!


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You don’t want to miss this highly MOTIVATING video podcast!