Craigslist Car Sales Training


Craigslist Car Sales Training



Sell 40+ Cars Per Month, Every Month on Craigslist. Here’s the Secret!

The secret in the car business is playing the numbers game. Anyone who is successful in this business knows that. The purpose of this training is to show you how to never rely on chances again by standing on the lot waiting for the next customer to arrive. If 50 people per day pulled in on your lot, I wouldn’t be producing this training. But since there aren’t 50 people per day pulling in on the lot, we have to look for the customers ourselves and entice them to want to buy TODAY. There are 60 million people per month on Craigslist looking to buy a vehicle. For that reason, if taught the right process and way to do it effectively, a typical salesman can easily bring 3 car deals per day just by posting on Craigslist.

I’ve sold 50+ cars per month for years and see today’s top salesmen killing it and selling 40+ cars a month with just Craigslist. This training does exactly that! Dominate your competition and have a record year every year with the simple steps shown on this short training.


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