Become DEADLY at Selling, Closing, Negotiating, and Overcoming Objections

You will leave this live seminar knowing how to earn $500k plus a year and with the exact SKILL to make you UNSTOPPABLE.

Join me! I will make you become one of the world’s greatest salespeople of all time! Don’t believe me? TEXT ME and I can answer your questions 918-210-0254.

What You Will Learn at the Event

Here is a just a sample of what you will learn at the event

This Live Seminar is for:

You will leave on FIRE, with a strategy to scale overnight, and I’ll have you doubling or tripling your income! I got you! And lastly, if you are the very best in your store… it’s time to become the best in your state & the best in the county.

Top Earners

700K+ Selling Cars!

You want to earn 700k+ selling cars I’ll teach you! I did it! You can do it! My job is to teach you to be ten times better than me and I’m gonna make that happen! I’ll teach you to make a million a year if you’re truly ready!

It’s possible if you’re committed!

Location & Schedule

  • Night Before

The Night before the training event, you can meet Andy and his entire team at the conference room between 6 pm and 8 pm.  Snacks and Drinks will be served. Come meet Andy personally before the big training day.

  • The Main Event

The Master Closer Seminar Event will be held in our Conference Room, where we will train from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.  Lunch will be provided.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It..

See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

After attending my first seminar I tripled my income the very first month. I immediately called Andy and booked my second seminar.  If anyone hasn’t been to a live seminar with Andy it is a life-changer.



I thought I was doing good making 10 grand a month.  Andy told me to come to the seminar and I would triple my income.  I went, and the first month after, I made 39 grand!  This training is no joke!  If you’re a skeptic, then you are a fool.  Andy’s training has taken me to a level I didn’t know existed.



Andy’s training has completely changed my life!  My wife thought the training would be a waste of money because other training in the past hasn’t worked.  She came with me, and we both have already booked our seats for the next live training.



When I came to my first seminar I was making around 6K per month.  The first month back, I made 20K.  I now have more confidence that I can provide for myself and my family.



My life was a total wreck.  I just got out of rehab. I didn’t believe I could have a great life. I met Andy and he made me feel that I could turn my life around.   Andy convinced me to come to a seminar. After the seminar, I was more driven, fired up, focused, and skilled than I have ever been in my life.  I am now the number 1 salesperson at my dealership.  I will never look back again.



Let's Go!

Let’s CRUSH IT together!

Join me! I will make you become one of the World’s Greatest Salespeople of All Time!
There never has and never will be a program like this again! Book your spot NOW and Change Your Life FOREVER!

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