How to Totally DOMINATE as a Car Salesman

What’s the difference between winners and losers?

Mental toughness! 


What happens when you’re not mentally tough? You break. What happens when you break, you go back to the starting line.


Increase your training time, increase your mental strength building time. I’m dedicated to building my mental toughness for an hour straight every day. It takes practice just like a sport. Mental toughness is everything!  


Training isn’t something you did, it’s something you do.It’s something you do every day for the rest of your life!  


You gotta decide you want it! You have to have that moment that you wake up, the moment you’ll remember on your deathbed where you say, “That’s the moment it all changed. The day I took responsibility and changed my life!” 


If you’re not doing what it takes to win… winning won’t have anything to do with you! 


Everytime you make an excuse, winning runs from you. Life isn’t fair, don’t expect it to be. Instead focus on making your mess in life your message! 


It might feel good to quit, to walk away from the constant change and discomfort of becoming better. But when you quit and you see people who didn’t quit who made it, that’s the worst pain you will ever feel- the pain of regret! 


The more pain you can tolerate, the further you will go! Bring it! When you get knocked down- bring it! Get back up, that’s how you develop your toughness!

That’s how you get ahead!