How to Prospect, Generate Leads, and Get MORE Referrals than you EVER Imagined!

How to Prospect, Generate Leads, and Get MORE Referrals than you EVER Imagined! 


Lead Generation is something most sales people don’t know how to do. Repetition is the mother of skills. These tips don’t require a lot of money, just good ol’ sweat equality. 

To be a top sales professional you MUST be able to generate your own leads! Sheep wait to be fed, lions hunt! Separate yourself from the herd by mastering these skills and incorporating them in your daily routine. 


Every single day you need to devote time to each of these three activities:  

  • Lead Generation 
  • Prospecting
  • Referrals 


In this video, I’m going to take you step by step through the best time of day to generate leads, where the traffic is and how to position yourself to capture attention, and how to convert attention into customers.  


Learn how to prospect. Believe it or not, there are dozens of customers slipping through the cracks every single day because salespeople neglect this one critical activity.  


Referrals. Think about it… you’re already spending 2-3 hours with a customer delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction, why wouldn’t you want to use that time to position yourself for referrals? Their friends and family, everyone they know- you could use that 2-3 hours to set up a lifetime of referrals. I’ll teach you the best ways to cultivate relationships with your customers so it will be their PLEASURE to send referrals to you!   


Consistency is key, what’s practiced in private is seen in public. 


Are you making $250,000 per year? Or $500,000 per year? Why settle for less than what you’re worth? Don’t allow small thinking and limiting beliefs to cripple you! Text me today 918-210-0254. I’ll put together a strategy and game plan for you- specifically for YOU! I got your back for life! Let’s crush it!


Time to get out of the sheep pen and start hunting like the LION you are! Watch this video NOW!