How to NEVER Fear Rejection and Become Unbeatable!

How to NEVER Fear Rejection and Become Unbeatable! 


If you want rejection to bounce off of you, condition your mind for success! It doesn’t matter if you miss it and have a bad day, we all do. It’s okay to lose a battle, you don’t want to lose the war. 

Your mind has to be so firmly convinced you’re going to be a success that the bad days just roll off. 


You have to be able to believe it before you see it and you build that muscle, that ability, through self-talk and self-visualization. 


If you have no doubt, if you don’t second-guess yourself- you’re UNBEATABLE! 


The moment you start to doubt yourself or second guess yourself, someone can beat you. Even though you have skill and talent, that doubt, that second-guessing yourself will throw your confidence off. 


You have to have your success reels in your mind ready to pull up when you need to get fired up. Remember the time you closed a profitable deal, the time you won a race, the time you won a game. Recall those times often to get pumped up. Recall some of the losses that get you fired up and ready to rocket, sometimes the failures fire you up more than the successes. 


There’s skill, work ethic and mindset. Mindset is #1 over everything! 

You don’t get what you deserve, you get for what you work for, but if you don’t believe you deserve it, you’re never going to have it. 


There’s an old video of a baby-faced Connor McGregor back when he was just a kid starting out. He said, “I will be in the UFC, I’m going to be beating everybody  and I’m going to win both belts.” 


He saw it long before it happened, there was no self-doubt in him. Did he lose some fights, sure he did. But he never lost the war. He manifested his destiny because he was solid in his conviction that it would happen. His mindset was in alignment with his success!  


Have that image of your success in mind, whatever that looks like to you. When you’re fully persuaded that you will achieve your goals, you’re unstoppable. If you get knocked down, you’ll get up every time because you know where you’re going to end up!


This video is short enough that you can watch it everyday to keep your mind focused. You are UNBEATABLE!!