How to Convert a Customer From Cash Car to Financing a Nicer Vehicle

How to Convert a Customer From Cash Car to Financing a Nicer Vehicle 


If you have a customer who’s looking for a low-priced car to purchase for cash, do you know how to transition that customer into financing a nicer vehicle? 


In this video, I’m going to teach you three ways to pique your customer’s interest and get them to consider the facts between purchase price versus ownership price. 


When your customer looks at the big picture, understands the cost of ownership of an older car and knows their financing options, you can be the hero that helps them make a wise purchase. 


Remember, your customer came to you with a problem that needs to be solved. Asking the right questions will help you understand their position so you can present the best solution. 


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If you’re serious about offering world-class customer service to every customer-  this is a MUST see video! Grab you


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