How to be a Marriage Millionaire as a Salesman- Andy & Jacquline Elliott

How to be a Marriage Millionaire as a Salesman- Andy & Jacquline Elliott 


The #1 thing you need to be a great salesperson is a great attitude and great energy! You remove the great attitude and energy from a salesperson and they’re done. 


If you want to bring your A-game on the sales floor, you have to have a successful homelife! Your relationship with your partner and children (if you have them) has an enormous impact on how well you perform in your career. 


Think about it, if you had a horrible fight with your partner, or your child is struggling with a major issue, can you bring your A-game at work? Not a chance! 


Your partner and children are your gold and your kryptonite.They can build you up and tear you down.   


Do you feel like it’s impossible to perform at a level 10 in your career, as a partner, and as a parent? Do you feel like you must sacrifice in order to achieve success in one area? 


Burnout creeps into relationships the same way it creeps into your career. If you don’t know how to perform well in every role, it’s going to impact your life and  performance across the board.  


When you’re focused on building a successful career and working long hours to position your family for a bright future, yet not taking the time to include them in the process, that gets frustrating for everyone. 


You feel like you’re working your hardest and not being appreciated, and they feel like they’re being neglected and ignored.The residual impact will ripple across your life and take a toll on everyone.   


In this video, my wife Jacquline joins me to share some of the keys and strategies we learned over the years to bring our BEST to our marriage, to our children and our business!


Do me a favor, my wife has a wealth of wisdom! I’ve been trying to convince her to do more videos. Shoot me a text at 918-210-0254, and let me know you want more videos from Jacquline!