Car Sales Training: Mastering the First 5 Minutes of the Meet and Greet. 

Car Sales Training: Mastering the First 5 Minutes of the Meet and Greet. 


The Meet & Greet will make or break the sale every time! Knowing how to master the first 5 minutes with your customer is critical for doubling or tripling your sales and never missing a customer ever again!  

First things first, you need to pitch yourself every morning! Condition your mind to get into position to successfully greet your customers. Tell yourself, “They can buy, they came to buy, and they WILL buy- as long as I do my job.” 


Know that you’re going to sell to the next customer that comes in or that calls. You believe it and you’ve already envisioned it happening. The believability in you becomes so strong, your passion and energy to make sure your customers are well taken care of, and that you deliver the best customer service possible is so strong- they can feel that!


The power of influence and persuasion is to take the way that you feel and transfer that into someone else.  


People buy from people who remind them of their friends. Are you taking the time to make friendly deposits into your customers to make them feel significant and special?  


In this video, I’ll break down the significance of the first 5 minutes and show you exactly how to get into position to guide your customers to a successful close. Text me at 918-210-0254 for my Meet & Greet tips.



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