Car Sales Training: “I Don’t Want to Pay the Doc Fee!”

Car Sales Training: “I Don’t Want to Pay the Doc Fee!”


What do you say to customers who argue that they don’t want to pay the doc fee? If you don’t know how to handle this objection, it can create friction that kills the deal. 


Learning these tips and techniques will diffuse the situation, set your customer at ease, and keep the rapport strong.  


Understanding the psychology behind the negotiation process will give you the confidence to handle objections and understand the ‘intent behind the content’ of what your customer is saying. 


When you know what’s behind the questions your customers are asking, you can respond in a way that leads to a successful close. 


Never lose another deal because of the, “I don’t want to pay the doc fee” objection! Grab a pen and paper and click the video now! 


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