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Coaching professionals to increase sales and maximize profits in today’s market.  We work with sales professionals and specialize in the automotive business. We offer in store training, online training support, and conferences. We teach from beginners to advanced sales classes for sales consultants, service, finance, and internet departments.

Automotive Sales Training to take your sales to the next level.  Fast track your way to get a GM job within 2 years or less.

From prospecting strategies, negotiating, and closing clients.  We teach you how to find and close huge deals.

From individual sales training, group sales training, or upper management sales consulting.  We are here to help.

Meet Andy

Andy Elliott holds the sales record for the most money ever made as a car salesman in one month at $74,500 and in one year at $715,000. He is currently the fastest growing Automotive Sales Trainer in the country! 

He also has over a Million minutes watched on his YouTube channel each month in free sales training which has a 98.6% like rate which is unheard of for Car Sales Training Videos on YouTube.


Andy Elliott and his amazing wife Jaqueline created their training company in 2011. The Elliott Group currently trains over 110,000 Sales People and over 500 dealerships. They are the fastest-growing automotive sales training company in the world because of many reasons. 

They teach the lost art of the car business which closing and negotiations, overcoming objections, relationship selling, elite processes, conviction, non-combative closing with zero friction, and its ALL 21st Century Lethal Training that WORKS!

And salespeople love it because they can get FAST RESULTS and it increases their confidence and certainty and income quickly!

Andy and Jacqueline offer Online Training Courses for Dealerships and their teams and individual salespeople. Also, they do a monthly LIVE Training in their conference room that is totally NEXT LEVEL! 

The LIVE EVENT is called the “Master Closer Seminar.” We have hundreds of sales people fly in from all over the country to learn how to earn $300k to $700k in income. Also, Andy flies out every week and trains dealerships all over the country!

Andy and Jacqueline have over 40 years of automotive experience together! They are a deadly team and believe salespeople need to CRUSH that GLASS CEILING over their head and go get what they’re worth. They understand that it’s not where you are today… it’s where you’re going that matters. And you’re either good, great, or UNSTOPPABLE and they are after creating unstoppable salespeople.

Most salespeople live their life far below their potential. They accept their current situations, conditions, and circumstances are the way things will always be… As a result, they NEVER achieve more.

But Andy’s training teaches deadly skill and mindset to CRUSH everyone around you and push yourself to limits you never imagined… and then even go further!!!

If you are wanting to train with a sales trainer you can be in direct contact with and teach you immediately how to go get what you deserve financially in the car business… then you want to train with Andy Elliott!!!

If you want to directly contact Andy please email him at Andy@theelliottgroupnow.com or TEXT him at 405-482-1991.

Meet Jacqueline

With a background in psychology and teaching I quickly learned when I entered the REAL WORLD that I needed to put what I loved aside and find a REAL WAY to make money.

Just as Andy started sales, I stumbled across a dealership and started helping in BDC, internet sales, and customer service calls. While I worked, I started to observe salesmen working with their customers.  I knew nothing about sales at the time, and I felt that I could be better than those guys that seemed to over qualify customers and complain most times. 

I began selling part time trying to prove myself in the “man’s automotive world.” I exceeded my superiors’ expectations and soon after I was the quickest person on the lot. I never got any training and was a firm believer of – You have to fake it to make it!  If I only knew what I know now – Man, I would’ve been unstoppable! 

I began to stand out and soon after that was approached to be in finance. I rehearsed and trained myself sometimes in front of my bathroom mirror. Always pushing myself to be the best, I broke every single record. After succeeding in the car business, I was hired on with Harley-Davidson (again, a place out of my element) and was then the finance director for two stores. It was a lot of fun, and I grew tremendously, learning how to deal with an incredible clientele that I soon viewed as my extended family.  


Being a team with Andy Elliott as his partner when we started this training business has taught me so much. We constantly push each other and have become each other’s fire. As competitive as we both are, we’ve learned to critique every aspect of our product until perfected. Together, our hearts are focused on stopping turnover and showing salesmen that they have the best job in the store. If they do it right, they can make an unlimited income and design their life. Our training is totally different than any other. Objections like: “The payment is too high,” “The price is too high,” “I want more for my trade-in,” etc.…will never be an issue again! Let’s stop turnover, raise profits, and never miss a deal again. Let’s grow our guys! Let’s sell at the top! You never have in your life seen anything like this – I assure you! I look forward to speaking with you and helping you build the team you’ve always dreamed of. We are always available and accessible to help you, for this is our passion. We strive to be the best and couldn’t be so without you.

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